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All Out!!, Episode 10

After losing the game against Sagami but winning their opponents’ respect, Jinko and fans get rewarded with the prospect of a beach episode. But any anticipation of muscular shirtless fanservice is nipped in the bud, as the countdown to the preliminaries has reached a mere 147 days – less than 13 days total at a measly training schedule of 2 hours a day. Beating himself up for having his forehead kicked in only once during the recent game, Sekizan is… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 10

Hanasaki’s unsurprising abduction/adoption by Twenty Faces is followed by an equally by-the-book mental torture session. Tied to a chair in a dark room, the now not-so-genki teen is forced to face his true self like many a troubled young anime character before him, many of which had a lot more to say about the human condition. Casting himself in the role of the savior in both dialogue and visuals, Twenty Faces tries his best to convince Hanasaki of their shared… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episode 9

After a humiliating start, Jinko makes a brief but satisfying comeback against Sagami, thanks to the force of nature that is Ebumi. Their success is short-lived though, and by the end of the first half, our underdogs have fallen behind without much chance left at victory. But Sagami’s lead isn’t enough to get Coach anywhere close to fretting. He knows this game isn’t about Jinko beating a superior opponent – it’s way too early for that in terms of both… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 9

Fallen Hero is a case study of Trickster at its messiest. Once again, it was easy to see (and appreciate) what Erika Yoshida and Masahiro Mukai wanted to do, but never have intention and execution been divided by a gulf of such epic proportions. In memories of childhood happiness as fleeting as the obligatory cherry blossoms, Hanasaki thinks back to the time he learned to ride a bike. In the not-so-rose-colored present, Kobayashi has at least grown accustomed to riding in the… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episode 8

This week, All Out!! delivered a well-crafted episode that, after an excellent dramatic build-up, culminated in Jinko’s second “friendly” game. The first confrontation came before the actual game, with Komori approaching Yoshida, the rugby team’s chronically absent adviser. He has earned Komori’s lecture for belittling the team’s efforts and failing at his job as an educator responsible for nurturing young peoples’ dreams and ambitions. Under dramatic lighting, Komori did not have to raise his voice or leave his chair to own… Continue Reading →

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