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D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 11

Since the cliffhanger ending of the first episode and his ominous disappearance in episode two, one of D.Gray-man Hallow‘s big questions has always been: Whatever happened to Cross Marian? Now we finally (seem to) know. With memory-altering powers as part of Apocryphos’s terrifying skill set, I suppose there is still some room left to hope for Cross being only temporarily deceased. Telling the good guys apart from the bad had turned into a challenge before the Cardinal’s introduction. With him… Continue Reading →

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 10

Not knowing is scary, isn’t it? Alma is dead. Seeing Mugen covered in rust, Kanda is at least as dead as Cross Marian. Lavi and Bookman have been taken prisoner by the Noah, with Lavi likely facing torture and Chaozii in critical condition thanks to a nasty Noah parasite infection. The Third Exorcists are still nothing more than pawns, now in the hands of the Millennium Earl. Allen has been imprisoned by the Order, which is also debating torture as… Continue Reading →

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 9

It finally happened. After 122 episodes, Kanda eventually found it in him and a reason to call Allen by his name, and with a “thank you” cherry on top. The fact that what could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship turns into what looks like a goodbye is proof of D.Gray-man‘s true nature as a tragedy. Everything else is still too messy to make sense of without giving in to speculations and/or manga spoilers, but the Alma Karma arc… Continue Reading →

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 8

Alma needs to kill Kanda, even though he’s clearly suffering from causing his old friend pain. The Earl wants to be reunited with The Fourteenth, even though he promised to kill and replace him. And Kanda wants to be with someone his current incarnation never met, even though I’m pretty sure he would have settled for finding peace in death if it wasn’t for the lotus flower pulling him back. Love is certainly painful and self-destructive in D.Gray-man, where one… Continue Reading →

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 7

No matter how many times I tried to destroy myself, I kept regenerating. In an episode so heartbreaking that watching it at a crowded train station was probably a misguided choice, I find one-winged angel Alma’s (voiced by a terrific Megumi Han) inability to commit suicide because his healing factor simply won’t let him die to be almost unbearable. Imagining what poor little Yu had to do to his only friend for the regeneration to stop is so revolting that the… Continue Reading →

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