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The Death and Rebirth of Rakugo

The second season of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju is upon us, and it’s like this wonderful gem of narrative craftsmanship never left. After patiently waiting for us during the nine month intermission (did Yotaro never leave that stage?), time is traversed in the simple flip of a name. Yotaro, now Sukeroku III, invites the audience to partake in the story’s second act. Tearing down the fourth wall in a way similar to a rakugo performance, he turns us into collaborators… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episode 14

It’s the third-years’ last summer and the final chance for Sekizan to achieve his dream – well, high-school dream anyway, but who cares about what happens after that. The clock is ticking if he wants to be the one taking his team to Hanazono, and there’s no room for slowing down. Time doesn’t run quite as fast for the first-years though, or for any player looking for a fun pastime instead of their life’s mission. And so, first-year Keta quits… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 13

A month has passed since the Le Waqua incident. Twenty Faces has been “arrested”, Nakamura is busy spending time neglecting the mess and meeting her “boyfriend” whose identity is going to be a huge twist, and Akechi is off doing who knows what to prepare for whatever is “finally beginning” according to a very-much-not-arrested Twenty Faces. If only he were right and something actually would begin to happen, now that we’re in the second cour. Sadly, inspiration in this show… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episode 13

All Out!! is back for round two, with a new up-tempo opening (Seija no Kōshin by CIVILIAN), a new ending ballad (No Side by Alisa Takigawa), and just as much heart and passion as last year. The animation might be too cost-effective to keep characters on model during long shots, but said characters are too darn likable to fret about unattractive walk cycles. This week, it’s time to learn why Sekizan started playing rugby. Check out my full review of All Out!!,… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episode 12

Keijo’s back, and everyone’s having a blast. Well, except for Sekizan, who has to keep his personal fanboy Taira from getting too excited even for a shonen series. Taira’s adoration really should boost Sekizan’s ego, after coach’s speech about the benefits of training with high-level players sent him into pink brooding mode (or maybe it was just Taira’s presence). While the collective Keijo boys deserve a few exclamation points to their name for likability and camaraderie, Miyuki’s excitement at playing… Continue Reading →

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