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Trickster, Episodes 1-3

After 2015’s Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace, Trickster marks the second anime series to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Edogawa Ranpo’s death. Very loosely based on the late mystery writer’s novels and short stories The Boy Detectives Club and The Fiend With Twenty Faces, Trickster doesn’t seem to share more than a few names and the general idea of boy detectives with its literary source of inspiration. Where Game of Laplace touched upon some of the darker, grotesque, and erotic aspects… Continue Reading →

All Out!!, Episodes 1-2

I’ll be reviewing a certain rugby anime for Anime News Network this season. Check out my review of the first two episodes of All Out!! over at ANN.

Anime Review: your name. / Kimi no Na wa.

I recently had the opportunity to see Makoto Shinkai’s latest work at the Sitges Film Festival. Check out my full review of your name. over at ANN.

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 13 – Season Finale

No matter what happens, I’ll always be an Exorcist. When Allen said goodbye to Lenalee, his words were a promise to not surrender to fate. Refusing to resign himself to the tragic ending he was prophesied, he vowed to hold on to his identity, no matter the odds. In true shonen hero fashion, a strong enough belief in himself would surely prevail over whatever the world might throw his way. That is, if it weren’t for Katsura Hoshino filing D.Gray-man under the tragedy… Continue Reading →

D.Gray-man Hallow, Episode 12

He always puts others first. He gets hurt trying to save others from their sorrow! To Lenalee, the proof of Allen’s virtue and loyalty as an Exorcist is just a critical flaw in Tyki’s eyes. Allen embraces his destiny as an Exorcist despite the not remotely unambiguous nature of Innocence, and Allen rejects his Noah memory even if it obviously connects Nea to Mana. Allen has no idea who he is, so he compensates by trying to save everyone else,… Continue Reading →

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