As we accompany Jean on yet another inspection, it’s finally time for the much-discussed coup d’état to rear its head in the form of a local, small-scale uprising in the district of Suitsu. Between rural Fāmasu, supersized Jumōku, royal Dōwā, and the administrative center of Bādō, we’ve already seen quite a bit of variety in this so-called federation. Suitsu is different, and not just because everything and everyone in it seems to be named after food and beverages. Time stands still in this isolated country without cars or mobile phones, where every interaction with outsiders gets strictly monitored, and ACCA branch personnel wear late 18th-century bicorne hats and small swords as part of their attire. The imbalance in power between nobles and commoners works as it used to in pre-WWI Europe here, and peace is just a fiction with a price tag attached, so that nobles and wannabes can continue to feel privileged. It’s an eye-opening experience for Jean, who has been here before but never got to interact with the locals. Being as composed as he is perceptive, Jean might not pick up the pitchfork and join the revolution, yet I can’t help but think that sending him out here wasn’t just to get him out of Bādō, but to help prepare him for whatever role he’s meant to take on according to Nino’s real boss.

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