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Guilty Anime Pleasures

ANN’s editorial team compiledĀ a list of shows we love despite their questionable merits. Check out my guilty pleasure anime over at Anime News Network.

Best Anime of 2016

With 2016 nearly over, ANN’s critics have selected their best (and worst) of the year. If you’re interested, head over to ANN to see my top 5 anime of 2016, along with this year’sĀ best character, best plot twist or favorite moment, the best opening and worst title of the year. When it comes to my number one pick for 2016, the choice was already made back in March and really no choice at all.

Perfect Anime Endings (2/2)

Part 2 of my list of perfect anime endings. (Read part 1 here.) 5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OVA): The Legend Ends, and History Begins Building up a perfect ending over the course of twenty-something episodes requires considerable talent and effort. Delivering such an ending after 110 episodes, which aired over the course of just a little under 10 years, is something else entirely. Yoshiki Tanaka and Noburo Ishiguro’s monumental epos succeeds at doing just that. Legend of the… Continue Reading →

Perfect Anime Endings (1/2)

Endings are important. They might very well be the most important ingredient in good storytelling. The ending leaves us with a final impression of what we have read, heard or seen, and they are what we take with us going out of the story. A great ending can elevate our memory of a decent story to a good one, and a bad one can let what had been an engaging story so far fall into the pits of oblivion. Some… Continue Reading →

The Tetris Moment, Example 4: Zero Requiem

This is part 5 of 5 in a multi-part series about what I call the Tetris Moment in storytelling. There will be spoilers for important plot points of Code Geass in this essay. Zero Requiem Anime: Code Geass R2 (2008) Episode: 25 (of 25), “Re;” The first season of Code Geass was a bright, shining example of how great execution could elevate a show laden with fan service and product placement to astonishing levels. Always finding the right balance between… Continue Reading →

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