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The Royal Tutor, Episodes 1-3

I wasn’t originally planning on watching The Royal Tutor, since it’s not something I’m prone to be interested in genre-wise. Still, here we are at the Granzreich family’s Weisburg Palace (which really should be romanized as Glanzreich and Weißburg in proper anime German) with our assembly of bishonen archetypes – the cold intellectual one with the scary glasses, the innocent playboy, the scary quiet guy, and the proud jerk – all having apparently practiced posing like a proper boy band to… Continue Reading →

ACCA and Chaos;Head Simuldubs: First Impressions

I reviewed the first episodes of Funimation’s simuldubs for ACCA and Chaos;Head for ANN’s preview guide. Check out my impressions over at Anime News Network.

Best Anime of 2016

With 2016 nearly over, ANN’s critics have selected their best (and worst) of the year. If you’re interested, head over to ANN to see my top 5 anime of 2016, along with this year’s best character, best plot twist or favorite moment, the best opening and worst title of the year. When it comes to my number one pick for 2016, the choice was already made back in March and really no choice at all.

Trickster, Episode 10

Hanasaki’s unsurprising abduction/adoption by Twenty Faces is followed by an equally by-the-book mental torture session. Tied to a chair in a dark room, the now not-so-genki teen is forced to face his true self like many a troubled young anime character before him, many of which had a lot more to say about the human condition. Casting himself in the role of the savior in both dialogue and visuals, Twenty Faces tries his best to convince Hanasaki of their shared… Continue Reading →


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