Life hasn’t been good to Taku lately. After his best friend was mind-controlled to kill his little sister in the most grotesque way imaginable, the person he knew as his big sister turns out to be an impersonation by the girl they suspected to be behind it all, the very one Itou allegedly killed Yui for in revenge. Good thing he’s still got his good old childhood friend Onoe to rely on, who will surely help him through this horrible–aw, dang.

It’s time for Taku to lose his mind big time, but he kinda doesn’t, and that’s this episode’s biggest problem. What last week’s bloodbath did right was the portrayal of Kurusu and Taku’s reactions in the midst of all the horror. Seeing them completely overwhelmed was painful, gut-wrenching, and immediate. Both of them reacted in a relatable manner that helped deliver the brutality of it all.

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