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ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 5

ACCA has been called slow, and while the show is still far from having one plot point chase the next, it’s so rich in interesting themes and interactions that I find myself on the edge of my seat listening to Jean’s preferences (or lack thereof) in bread, especially since we can now confidently identify these as code for much bigger things to come. It’s the small, subtle things that made episode 5 such a delight to watch. With all the… Continue Reading →

ACCA and Chaos;Head Simuldubs: First Impressions

I reviewed the first episodes of Funimation’s simuldubs for ACCA and Chaos;Head for ANN’s preview guide. Check out my impressions over at Anime News Network.

Chaos;Child, Episode 4

This week on Chaos;Child, Taku and Onoe’s snuggles in the autopsy room get first facilitated and then interrupted by the next wave of NewGen murder victims returning to their “lockers”. That last part’s obviously a delusion, as this sequel’s very restrained approach enters full-blown delusion territory at last. Things could get confusing from here, but it’s pretty much impossible for the viewer to mistake Taku’s hallucinations for reality if they continue pouring that red haze over these scenes. Perhaps things… Continue Reading →

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 4

As we accompany Jean on yet another inspection, it’s finally time for the much-discussed coup d’état to rear its head in the form of a local, small-scale uprising in the district of Suitsu. Between rural Fāmasu, supersized Jumōku, royal Dōwā, and the administrative center of Bādō, we’ve already seen quite a bit of variety in this so-called federation. Suitsu is different, and not just because everything and everyone in it seems to be named after food and beverages. Time stands… Continue Reading →

Guilty Anime Pleasures

ANN’s editorial team compiled a list of shows we love despite their questionable merits. Check out my guilty pleasure anime over at Anime News Network.

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