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ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 12

We really haven’t changed, have we? Jean’s last line to Nino sums it up best. In this week’s climax, ACCA stayed true to its laid-back nature by turning Lilium’s carefully plotted usurpation into a theatrical exercise that’s resolved in a flash. Publicly out-couped, the master plotter ends up getting played on the stage that was supposed to mark his secret step into the limelight. Schwan is demoted to the subordinate role of figurehead that Lilium had originally intended for Jean… Continue Reading →

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 11

These days, when I look at you, I can’t tell if you’re getting dragged into things, or if you’re prying into the whole mess. After 100 years of peace, Dōwā’s guards have lost their edge. Their clumsy assassination attempt is foiled by Nino, who spends his first visit to Furawau district checking out the local emergency services after taking a bullet for Jean. The fact that he didn’t die softens the cliché somewhat, and ACCA at least tried to give… Continue Reading →

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 10

Jean’s brief visit to Spade’s home district, Yakkara, brought no extra screentime for the chief officer we know so little about, but ACCA‘s reluctance to show us more about the man might actually result in some exciting developments. Before we can get to these, we need to take a closer look at our prince’s time in the mining district of Pranetta. From a design perspective, Pranetta is pure delight – an underground city underneath a barren desert land, where people… Continue Reading →

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 9

Last week, I wondered where Natsume Ono and Shingo Natsume would take us from here. Luckily, it turns out there were a lot of enthralling places we could go, from Schwan’s cunning manipulation of the first princess into going after Lotta to Magie following his own conscience and taking action against his prince’s intentions. After all the praise for Abend’s unquestioning loyalty, this was a nice touch of protest that provided some much-needed development for Rail’s little arc within the… Continue Reading →

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Episode 8

Episode 8 leaves me relieved for two reasons. Neither did Schnee fall in love and elope with her bodyguard to feed age-old clichés, nor is Nino the tragic victim of his father’s undying loyalty to other people. After spending some time in the kingdom’s district of strong women, Schnee’s alarming interest in the outside world and philosophy books led to an amicable agreement to set her free instead of clipping her wings. My theory of the king being in on… Continue Reading →

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