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Edogawa Ranpo

Trickster, Episode 9

Fallen Hero is a case study of Trickster at its messiest. Once again, it was easy to see (and appreciate) what Erika Yoshida and Masahiro Mukai wanted to do, but never have intention and execution been divided by a gulf of such epic proportions. In memories of childhood happiness as fleeting as the obligatory cherry blossoms, Hanasaki thinks back to the time he learned to ride a bike. In the not-so-rose-colored present, Kobayashi has at least grown accustomed to riding in the… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 8

In a future where crumbling building complexes threatened with urban redevelopment can wall themselves off (complete with rotary cannons mounted on rooftops), it somehow takes a formal declaration of independence for law enforcement and city officials to voice concern. While sci fi is usually better off with some sort of social commentary woven into a story’s themes, there’s some active suspension of disbelief required to accept the importance of Trickster‘s utopian commune to Haruhiko without chuckling at the sight of cows… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 7

What kind of person am I? Trickster has never been a subtle show. This week, I marveled and scratched my head at what happened when every last bit of restraint got thrown out the writers’ room window. The result is interesting, and while episode 7 doesn’t achieve everything it sets out to accomplish as beautifully as it could, it can’t be called a failure either. Things don’t fall into place, they get nudged and jogged, sometimes more forcefully than necessary,… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 6

In a future where 3D printing of valuable objects has become commonplace and children play with drones as if they were R/C cars, it’s comforting to know that the weather forecast isn’t one jot more accurate than it is today. At least real estate has become dirt cheap, with all of our junior detectives not named Kobayashi living in fancy apartments that would be unaffordable for most of today’s seasoned PIs. Instead of diving directly into the next backstory, this… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 5

Trickster has certain merits. It’s pretty. It has style. It knows what it’s doing in the editing and sound design departments. From the exaggerated squeaking of Inoue’s sneakers under the bleeding sunset to the roaring torrents cutting short the flashback’s lamenting strings, episode 5 is off to a promising start. When Inoue suggests that Katsuda might not want to remain a member of the boy detectives, we cut to Akechi telling the dirty cop not to talk too big a… Continue Reading →

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