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Perfect Anime Endings (2/2)

Part 2 of my list of perfect anime endings. (Read part 1 here.) 5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OVA): The Legend Ends, and History Begins Building up a perfect ending over the course of twenty-something episodes requires considerable talent and effort. Delivering such an ending after 110 episodes, which aired over the course of just a little under 10 years, is something else entirely. Yoshiki Tanaka and Noburo Ishiguro’s monumental epos succeeds at doing just that. Legend of the… Continue Reading →

The Selfish Sacrifice

Anime, like all fiction, is full of tropes. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as storytelling has been around since before the advent of writing. Certain archetypes and motifs proofed to be effective enough that they persisted and developed into recurring devices. Tropes are not a bad thing per se. After all, if our basic needs, desires and flaws had changed dramatically over the past centuries, great storytellers such as Shakespeare, Homer or Cervantes would have lost their significance long… Continue Reading →

Fate/Zero, or the troublesome Nature of “I want”

What kind of adult do you want to be when you grow up? Giving your characters something to want is one of the most fundamental rules of storytelling. Compared to other scenarios, Fate/Zero‘s setting makes it comparatively easy to put this concept to use. After all, it tells the story of 14┬ácharacters engaged in a holy war over a magic wish-granting device. Having something to wish for is the basic prerequisite for participating in the war and playing a part… Continue Reading →

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