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Perfect Anime Endings (2/2)

Part 2 of my list of perfect anime endings. (Read part 1 here.) 5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OVA): The Legend Ends, and History Begins Building up a perfect ending over the course of twenty-something episodes requires considerable talent and effort. Delivering such an ending after 110 episodes, which aired over the course of just a little under 10 years, is something else entirely. Yoshiki Tanaka and Noburo Ishiguro’s monumental epos succeeds at doing just that. Legend of the… Continue Reading →

Anime Review: Ping Pong the Animation

Do you believe in heroes? The kind who’s sure come to save me when I’m in a pinch, however deeply I’m locked away. I’ve waited for him for so long. And today he’s coming back. Everyone has certain preferences regarding their taste in anime and fiction, in general. I’m a dark-fantasy-epic-sci-fi-historic-tragedy kind of person. Rooting for a group of teenage misfits with color-coded hairstyles who slowly grow into a team that ends up beating another high school’s elite squad against… Continue Reading →

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