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Chaos;Child, Episode 7

If you think being forced to shove a rebar down your throat and then self-immolate is already a harsh way to die, you might not want to watch the last 10 minutes of this episode. By the time we fade to black, Taku will have a family member wrapped in ironic little packages, dismembered by his best friend, leading to my initial reaction of an overwhelming “WTF did I just watch”. The show didn’t give us much reason to care… Continue Reading →

Chaos;Child, Episode 6

Sadly, having to wait a few extra hours didn’t mean we were in for anything special in this rather mixed bag of an episode. Kunosato’s team has figured out part of Uki Yamazoe’s Gigalomaniac powers, which was only relayed to us long after the fact. While there’s no necessity (and in the case of this adaptation, also no time) to include the viewer in every single step along the way, the feeling of being left out gets further emphasized in… Continue Reading →

Chaos;Child, Episode 5

Last week’s science babble infodump continues as Taku learns not only about the origin of delusional powers, but has to deal with the implications of being a Gigalomaniac himself. The tried and trusted science adventure approach of taking scientific theories and bending them into the supernatural works reasonably well, even though I found the brief philosophical detour into consensus reality (and Taku addressing the mind-body problem so crucial for this story’s setting) a lot more intriguing than the bottom line… Continue Reading →

Chaos;Child, Episode 4

This week on Chaos;Child, Taku and Onoe’s snuggles in the autopsy room get first facilitated and then interrupted by the next wave of NewGen murder victims returning to their “lockers”. That last part’s obviously a delusion, as this sequel’s very restrained approach enters full-blown delusion territory at last. Things could get confusing from here, but it’s pretty much impossible for the viewer to mistake Taku’s hallucinations for reality if they continue pouring that red haze over these scenes. Perhaps things… Continue Reading →

Chaos;Child, Episode 3

Episode 3 marks a step down for Chaos;Child. Kurusu isn’t dead or even injured gravely enough that she would have to spend the night at the hospital. At least her being attacked provoked some emotional reactions from Takuru, so it’s not a total waste of screen time, unlike the confrontation between him and Kawahara. Kawahara is right to criticize Taku’s carelessness. Even though it’s hardly his fault that his foster sister got stabbed, he still bears responsibility for dragging his… Continue Reading →

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