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Trickster, Episode 14

This week, our main boy detectives step aside to let two of the neglected supporting club members take the stage. While the attempt to turn Noro and Yamane into characters might come too late to accomplish its goal in just 23 minutes, this is still a surprisingly welcome change. Trickster‘s core group hasn’t exactly scored a lot of likability points lately, so spending time on something other than Hanasaki moping, Inoue brooding, and Kobayashi wanting to die is almost refreshing…. Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 13

A month has passed since the Le Waqua incident. Twenty Faces has been “arrested”, Nakamura is busy spending time neglecting the mess and meeting her “boyfriend” whose identity is going to be a huge twist, and Akechi is off doing who knows what to prepare for whatever is “finally beginning” according to a very-much-not-arrested Twenty Faces. If only he were right and something actually would begin to happen, now that we’re in the second cour. Sadly, inspiration in this show… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 12

Halfway through the show, I’ve accepted that Trickster‘s disjointed parts will not magically fall into place in a big, satisfying narrative epiphany moment. Instead, I’ve settled for seeing each episode as an opportunity to find a few nice moments or, in lucky weeks, well-crafted scenes that offer some meat to discuss buried under so many overcooked potatoes. These moments have been harder to appreciate lately due to the sheer amount of gravy the show’s writing slips and falls on with predictable… Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 11

What a gloriously random pre-credits sequence. We open on a black-and-white closeup sketch of Hanasaki, whose face is then slowly colored in, a not-so-subtle hint at his impressionability. But Trickster doesn’t do subtle, and color isn’t the only thing filling Hanasaki’s head, as Twenty Faces proceeds to declare his undying love for Akechi in song. Not just any song, mind you, but the OP. Because why not – if you cast Gackt as your villain, you might as well go all out…. Continue Reading →

Trickster, Episode 10

Hanasaki’s unsurprising abduction/adoption by Twenty Faces is followed by an equally by-the-book mental torture session. Tied to a chair in a dark room, the now not-so-genki teen is forced to face his true self like many a troubled young anime character before him, many of which had a lot more to say about the human condition. Casting himself in the role of the savior in both dialogue and visuals, Twenty Faces tries his best to convince Hanasaki of their shared… Continue Reading →

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