I wasn’t originally planning on watching The Royal Tutor, since it’s not something I’m prone to be interested in genre-wise. Still, here we are at the Granzreich family’s Weisburg Palace (which really should be romanized as Glanzreich and Weißburg in proper anime German) with our assembly of bishonen archetypes – the cold intellectual one with the scary glasses, the innocent playboy, the scary quiet guy, and the proud jerk – all having apparently practiced posing like a proper boy band to (un)welcome their new tutor. Maybe the ability to summon enough feathers to fill an eiderdown quilt just comes with their fabulous Granzreich genes. But what do you know, after a day of getting to know our misfit princes, our pint-sized professor will have thrown most preconceptions about his students out the window, and I’m happy to say my own prejudices against this particular installment of cute boys doing bratty things have been disarmed in a similar fashion, as the princes evolve from boring clichés into the troubled and troublesome teenagers they truly are.

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