What a gloriously random pre-credits sequence.

We open on a black-and-white closeup sketch of Hanasaki, whose face is then slowly colored in, a not-so-subtle hint at his impressionability. But Trickster doesn’t do subtle, and color isn’t the only thing filling Hanasaki’s head, as Twenty Faces proceeds to declare his undying love for Akechi in song. Not just any song, mind you, but the OP. Because why not – if you cast Gackt as your villain, you might as well go all out. Of course, Twenty Faces knows just how to deliver the perfect bow to conclude his musical interlude by jumping out of a plane! Incapable of portraying emotions without any glassware on hand, Trickster‘s need to give us something to shatter is fulfilled by an improbable glass barrier for Twenty Faces to jump through. I’m guessing it remains up to the individual viewer to decide if these shards are to be interpreted as physical or metaphorical.

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